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Small teams,
big dreams.

Christina Ho

Founder - Lead Designer

Christina is a multidisciplinary design consultant specializing in UX/UI, Visual, and Interactive design. She has launched over 30+ products for enterprise and startup companies worldwide, with insights into industries like tech, finance, mining, oil, e-commerce, sports, gaming, Web3, and retail. She leads a design team with the same goal-oriented design philosophy that she found success with in her past products.

In her free time she enjoys watching horror movies, Rupaul's Drag Race, playing FPS games, building her artisan board game collection and eating chicken.

Zach Lippa

Lead Developer

An impassioned Full-Stack Developer, Zach specializes in utilizing TypeScript, Rust, and Solidity to architect, build, and enhance dynamic, user-focused websites and applications. With a particular interest in fostering the growth of small businesses and startups, Zach applies his expertise in blockchain technologies and modern web development to optimize their online presence.

Through innovative solutions and keen understanding of industry trends, Zach enables businesses to streamline operations, increase engagement, and expand their digital footprint. As a technophile, Zach strives to be at the cutting edge, exploring new programming paradigms and tools to offer unique, transformative digital experiences to his clients.

Let's make some magic